Friday Evening Block

Runtime: 01:12:14
Available:: Feb 27, 2021 00:00
Until:: Feb 28, 2021 00:00

Opening night block featuring the following films:

• Transfert - Jonathan Degrelle (France) /Florida Premier/

• Genesis - Seth Cunningham (US)

• One Last Monster - Genen Kim (US)

• The Right Vintage - Trace Winter (US)

• Star Wars: Origins - Phil Hawkins (UK)

Star Wars: Origins

Star Wars: Origins


Two archeologists make an amazing discovery that has the power to unite the World during a critical moment in history - if they're not silenced first.

STAR WARS: ORIGINS takes a unique look at where the saga began. A thrilling action adventure film drawing inspiration from both STAR WARS and INDIANA JONES to tell an epic story based on Earth during WWII.

Filmed in the Sahara Desert, Morocco, Star Wars: Origins is the culmination of three years’ work, from writer/director by Phil Hawkins (@philmblog), Executive Producer Gary Cowan and Velvet Film (@velvetfilm).

Starring Marie Everett (WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY, Netflix), Jamie Costa (HAN SOLO: A SMUGGLER’S TRADE, HISHE), Hadrian Howard (THE MUMMY, MI ROGUE NATION) and Philip Walker.

One Last Monster

One Last Monster


Empress Eura, ruler of the distant world of Adin, faces her greatest challenge when she is forced to face her prejudices and choose between trusting or killing a monster who arrives on Adin with a warning that could save or destroy her people.




1967: IV Reïch. The Germans won the war. ISAAC, a survivor of the concentration camps, is sent by Max, a Nazi officer, in the middle of the Second World War to recover a strange mechanism. But during his quest, he will be facing his worst nightmare ...




Genesis follows the household of a rebellious son and a controlling mother as they live on a barren planet after the earth has been rendered uninhabitable.

The Right Vintage

The Right Vintage


EN Tagline: Aged to Perfection.
EN Logline: A conman reaches his 100th birthday and is released from prison to enjoy the time he has left, starting with a dram of his favorite whisky.
EN Synopsis: Notorious for committing multiple cybercrimes, Sonny Marcato has served his sentence in a prison stationed on the edge of a black hole, where time is essentially frozen. For his release, Sonny requested nothing more than to enjoy his favorite whisky on his way back to Earth… to celebrate what is to come.

DE Tagline: Bis zur Perfektion gereift.
DE Logline: Ein Trickbetrüger erreicht seinen 100. Geburtstag und wird aus dem Gefängnis entlassen. Die verbleibende Zeit möchte er genießen, beginnend mit einem Schluck seines Lieblingswhiskys.
DE Synopse: Sonny Marcato ist berüchtigt dafür, mehrere Diebstäle als Cyberverbrechen begangen zu haben. Er verbüßte seine Haftstrafe in einem Gefängnis am Rande eines Schwarzen Lochs, in dem die Zeit im Wesentlichen eingefroren ist. Für seine Freilassung bat Sonny nur darum, seinen Lieblingswhisky auf dem Weg zurück zur Erde zu genießen… um zu feiern, was kommen wird.

ES Tagline: Envejecido a la perfección.
ES Logline: Un estafador cumple 100 años y sale de la cárcel para disfrutar del tiempo que le queda, comenzando con un trago de su whisky favorito.
ES Sinopsis: Conocido por cometer múltiples delitos cibernéticos, Sonny Marcato ha cumplido su condena desde una prisión estacionada al borde de un agujero negro, donde el tiempo está esencialmente congelado. Para su liberación, Sonny no pidió nada más que disfrutar de su whisky favorito en su camino de regreso a la Tierra ... para celebrar lo que está por venir.

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